Beer industry best practice: Mobile Apps

Beer brands are under considerable pressure to remain relevant with consumers. With younger generations passing on absorbing brand messaging through traditional media outlets, brewers have slowly been migrating to mobile apps. In the early days, the sole purpose of these apps was to help locate product availability in a users surroundings. With a bit of creativity and advancement in technology, beer apps have become more complex and dynamic.

Some of the best beer apps are highlighted below. Click on the link to download and learn more about each execution. The apps:

  • Help introduce a new product or packaging to consumers & reward them for helping spread the word (Sierra Nevada)

  • Extend a current marketing campaign and allow consumers the ability to customize their experience (Coors Light)

  • Provide another relevant channel to showcase their sports sponsorship (Bud Light)

  • Serve as story telling device that builds a brand’s community (Budweiser)

  • Provide a gamification platform for consumers to interact with live sports (Heineken)

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