Heineken Surprises Soccer Fans with UEFA Champions League Trophy Ecounter

After watching this sports trophy tour execution, by Heineken and UEFA Champions League, brands & leagues will be rethinking their strategies. Leveraging their sponsorship, Heineken brought a sacred piece of sports culture to life. With a little bit of creativity, low-risk, high-reward guerrilla marketing efforts can be executed.

Heineken was able to stage a memorable experience that fans would cherish forever. The brand allowed travelling fans to discover and experience a personal encounter with a beloved sporting icon. The UEFA Champions League trophy awaited guests in their hotel room, secretly filled with cameras.

The candid camera footage of unsuspecting traveling fans encounter with the moment of their lives was remarkable. The shock & awe of entering their hotel room only to find a priceless trophy was obvious from their reactions. . The element of surprise enticed raw, passionate emotions and generated enduring bonds with the Heineken brand. The memories were washed down with a cold Heineken in the end.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I would expect to see America sports (MLB, MLS, NFL, NBA & NHL) alter the massive fan cattle call that takes place currently to snap photos with their leagues trophy.

After watching the video below, ask yourself how you would react.

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