Onsite Music Presence by Heineken

Music festivals are tremendous platforms for brands to make lasting connections with fans. Besides focusing on the main stage, brands can learn from the RadioHeineken concept to gain & draw attention.

Branded destinations are better able to produce two way communications with attendees vs. any traditional signage on site. The areas can be the catalyze for starting epic times with friends.

During the st Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore, Heineken created a gigantic, interactive & branded boombox. At this space Heineken conducted live interviews with artists, streamed video feeds from live video cameras roaming the crowds and staged the crowd favorite, photo booth. The space could have served as a great VIP experience for consumers to win during a sweepstakes on social media channels or at retail.

This type of focused execution can only help drive brands to orchestrate memorable experiences.

View a photo and video of the Green Boombox.

Thanks to Brian Gainor for finding this 1st.

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