Agency rewards workers with Beer

Besides rewarding your buddies to help you move, beer has now motivated agency workers to complete the tedious job of filling out their time sheets. This beer fridge was electronically locked and connected to the time sheets of the entire office. Once 100% were completed, flights flashed and the fridge was unlocked.

Which sports team will be the 1st to run with this concept and adapt into a great in stadium treat? These fridges could be installed in themed areas and possibly reward guests in the section. I could imagine Budweiser leveraging their “Walk Off Home Run” campaign and having the fridge open on this special occasion. Or how about when a NFL team returns a kick off or punt for a touch down, a fridge of Bud Lights is opened?

(Full disclosure – I work for Anheuser-Busch)

View the agency execution below. Cheers.

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