Taco Trucks with unusual ingredients by Dos Equis

Dos Equis is mobile with their Taco Truck events leading up to Cinco De Mayo. Building off a successful single truck execution last year in NYC, the brand has launched trucks in the following cities: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. Each city will compete against one another in the Feast of the Brave challenge.

By consuming unusual ingredients (pig’s ear, chicken gizzard, iguana, alligator, crickets and hog stomach), participants will earn “bravery points” for their city based upon their chosen meal.

“The Dos Equis consumer is always looking for experiences that are a bit more unconventional and interesting,” said Paul Smailes, Dos Equis Senior Brand Director. “To mark this year’s special 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to partner with some great local chefs and provide consumers the opportunity to test their taste-bud boundaries, and have a memorable Cinco de Mayo experience.”

For complete information, visit the Dos Equis Facebook page. To keep track on twitter, monitor the following hash tag: #dosequisfeast

What can you stomach?

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