Mother’s Day Tribute by Modelo Especial

Beer companies tend to market and take advantage of holidays and celebrations that appeal to the male consumer. Take Michelob Ultra which partnered with Bridgestone Golf balls last year to celebrate Fathers Day. The promotion is summarized here. However, few brands if any, try to capitalize on events skewed for the female population.

Modelo Especial wanted to show their appreciation to all mothers across the globe with this surreal floral arrangement located in Mexico. Over 120,000 flowers were used to send their special message of Thanks & Gratitude.

Mother’s Day seems to be one holiday beer companies have not looked to capitalize on until now. Until recently, consumers and experts have argued and shared opinions that women were being degraded in beer advertising. Brands are now introducing line extensions to appeal to this large population of adult beverage consumers. This campaign should help generate brand awareness and garner female sampling for the Modelo Espeical brand.

Check out the floral arrangement below.

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