A rugby tackle is worth a Salta beer with this vending Machine

In Argentina, a country that is fascinated with soccer, a beer brand executed a memorable experience that appealed to the rugby community and its fans. Aside from potential enduring bonds, Salta beer might have left a couple of shoulder injuries and bruises with their beer vending machine execution.

Consumers were encouraged to perform a tackle on the vending machine to receive their sud. Beer and tackling are 2 guilty pleasures of a rugger. An added feature that sparked interest was the machine’s ability to gauge the strength of each hit. This is a great example of consumers 1st marketing. Passion and excitement were openly shared amongst the patrons who took on the vending machine challenge.

The video below shows the action and positive results.

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1 Response to A rugby tackle is worth a Salta beer with this vending Machine

  1. Hayden Mantis says:

    I really love to get some food and drinks from vending machines, vending machines are really one of the greatest inventions that we ever have these days. :`.*`

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