A beer app that identifies passionate sports fans

Live sporting events have the uncanny ability to bring people together, provide excitement and unleash enthusiasm. Whether it is painting your face, writing up a sign, jumping up & down, cheering & heckling, fans want to show their dedication and passion. Having the ability to track & measure, companies would be better able to reward fans for their devotion.

With the importance of the 2nd/3rd screen, Cerveza Pilsen teamed up with agency DDB (Columbia) to build a mobile app that identifies the most passionate Deportiva Independiente Medellín fan, a professional Colombian football team. The app which can be downloaded here, is able in real-time to measure your jumping and screaming output levels. This type of  sports mobile marketing could become an industry benchmark.

Some further implementation practices that could be developed are:

1) In stadium competitions amongst sections

2) League partners could create a competition amongst all the teams

3) Teams could create a competition amongst local restaurants/bars


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