Budweiser cleverly extends happy hour

The problem with all happy hours, is that they all cease at some arbitrary time set by a bar. Happy hours exist to attract patrons who want to socialize, laugh and share stories over a bite & drink.

Budweiser, in Ecuador, found a way to not only bring people in, the brand enthusiastically offered a call to action to keep the party going. In the states, the Bud Light tagline “Here We Go” is a call to start the party. In this campaign Budweiser: Budclock, Budweiser is asking patrons of the bar to keep those great times going.

For every Budweiser purchased, consumers were handed a coaster with a qr code that was to be scanned at the Budclock. Every purchase and successful qr code scan, another minute was added to the clock. Consumers saw a true benefit for purchasing the brand besides the ordinary shirt, hat or key chain giveaway. Not knowing all the details, but it might appear that one’s individual purchase was a reward for all those in attendance. Talk about being the life of the bar and having magic at the palm of your hand – order a Budweiser and keep the great times going.

Similar to the brands ability to brew Budweiser with the same consistency around the world, the advertising & marketing campaigns easily adapt to each country. In all consumer encounters, the brand has this commitment: Great times are always waiting: Grab Some Buds. The Budweiser Budclock execution perfectly brings this to life.

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