Football fields are the new Corona Beach

In recent years Corona has been searching for ways to expand the brands appeal and drinking occasions. At one point the brand was tied in 100% to sandy beach imagery. In recent years the brand took the relaxation and escaping mindset and portrayed that sense of feeling in the inside of an airplane, on the rooftop of a hotel and also the basin of a ski mountain. The brand never lost its identity, it just shifted the acceptable physical states to enjoy a Corona in order to boost sales.

With the help of Jon Gruden, former NFL coach and now broadcaster, the brand is turning NFL stadiums and cities in “beach” destinations. Lucky fans across the country have the opportunity to win trips to their favorite NFL destinations. Their partnership has come along way. At 1st it was about building awareness for the brand. Their execution consisted of a brand logo above his image on the Monday Night Football bus.

This year, Corona is putting Jon front and center in their commercials and using his caricature image for some internet ads. The brand is trying to break through the noise and assimilate into being an acceptable brand to drink while watching the game or tailgating. It faces stiff competition from premium light brands such as Miller Lite, Coors Light and Bud Light which has sponsorships with the teams and NFL.

Go find your beach and look for these ads/videos. To track this promotion on twitter use the hashtag #CoronaFootball and for facebook, click this link.

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