Heineken delivers on its “Open Your World” campaign

Heineken is building of their successful 1st journey story were a gentlemen traveled from Shangdu in Inner Monguolia to Bangkok, Thailand and his only form of payment was a Heineken bottle.  Along the way consumers were able to view weekly youtube video along with checking Heineken’s facebook page to check in along the way. To search more on this campaign, type Heineken Passport into Google.

Now instead of traveling a country, Heineken has challenged 2 guys to try to meet someone from every country (193) in just 14 days, in one particular city, Amsterdam, the home of Heineken. To learn more about the 2 selected guys and keep track of all the countries met, consumers are encouraged to visit their facebook page.

I agree with my friend and trusted content strategist, Brian Gainor, that Heineken has found a clever way to get consumers to associate their organization as a global brand. I must applaud brands that search for ways to bring fans together besides leveraging their traditional sponsorships (movies, sports & entertainment). This type of activation cuts through the clutter.

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