Not your traditional beer delivery by Coors Light

The element of surprise, harnessed correctly can help deliver what brands are looking for: Shock & Awe. After finishing reading “Winning the Customer” by Lou Imbriano, one concept stuck with me: SCD (Simple Creative Dominating). When developing a promotion, all you need to do is ask yourself , does the idea meet that criteria? While pre-planned & advertised promotions have their strengths, surprise moments capture more emotional connections with consumers.

Below is a video highlighting how Coors Light delivered on their brands’ essence and DNA all while leaving guests speechless. Unsuspecting consumer were served their “cold” beers in an over the  top performance manner. Cold activated brand ambassadors quenched the thirst of consumers from a walk in cooler, snowmobile, zip line, dogsled and a helicopter. Coors Light activated a true 360 marketing plan by transforming their TV commercials into a real life human experience. Confused looks were easily turned into giant smiles.

Simple – Deliver beer to guests                                                                                                  Creative – Use unconventional methods to deliver guests cold refreshing Coors Light Dominating – The brand was able to draw attention to those consumers ordering the brands while bystanders took action to order a CL can and/or spread the event o social media channels.

Take a look at south Florida pool take over.

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