Budweiser helps Toast new friends

Beer is social by nature. Usually, it is the catalyst to good times shared  amongst friends, families and even strangers. The moment that sums up the excitement is the “Toast.” Around the world there are different terms used: Cheers, Skaal, Salud, Prost, etc. Yet, the one common element is when people touch their bottles or cups together. A sign of respect and/or camaraderie if being shared.

Budweiser in Brazil found an ingenious way to capitalize and own this moment. TOAST 2.0.  Below is a video of their concept: Buddy Cup. It combines high-tech chip technology with an integrated facebook application. Once people touched each others cups, they became friends on the social media platform. Budweiser gave consumers the easiest “Ice Breaker”  out there. An old motto at Anheuser-Busch that still rings true today was: Making Friends is our business. The Buddy Cup puts words into actions.

Can you imagine being at your favorite sporting event or festival and wanting to connect with complete strangers that shared your interests in a harmless and adventurous way? An ideal place might be inside a branded area or suite. This great beer is helping once again provide great times and memories.


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