Budweiser Jukebox – Bottle cap operated

Anheuser-Busch  & Budweiser have made recent headline news here in the states with their focus on reaching millennials through music. The Budweiser brand will continue its Made in America concert, switching out Jay Z for his wife Beyonce as the headliner this year. For a full list of artists, click here.

As a global brand, Budweiser must come alive and connect with consumers in a consistent experience, which happens to be music. This platform can be adapted for local market activation to bring people together and provide “Great Times.”

Below is a clever campaign from Budweiser Argentina that captures on premise consumers at a primary point of purchase, a bar. Here, the brand chose 1 of the most interactive real estate items in the bar, the Jukebox and cultivated emotional connections with patrons. For each Budweiser sold, consumers redeemed the specific brand bottle cap for their choice in tunes. No other brand’s bottle cap would suffice, which helped increase Bud sales and sampling by 20%.

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