Pop Up Night Club

Parties attract crowds and Coors Light did just that. Quoting Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” With the help of a flash mob, #CoorsLight built a pop up night club inside a Las Vegas casino floor. In Vegas, it is hard to stand out amongst all the brands activating samplings/events trying to earn the attention of consumers. Especially in nightclubs which are usually dominated by Champagne and liquor companies.

This nightclub guerrilla marketing campaign was remarkable. The brand brought to life a club with no traditional walls. Coors Light owned the space, atmosphere and was easily identified in the hands of party goers. This unexpected interruption helped the brand reposition itself as a viable choice for club goers. The distraction was a pleasant surprise for onlookers. This relevant content should help shape future consumption habits.

Create your own space, create your own rules and people will notice.

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