This beer literally will open your door.

In the sports apparel business, Under Armour had used the tag line “Protect This House.” Building on the theme, Heineken has created a device that ensures guests coming over to your house enter with the correct beer. Below is the Door lock, a connected lock that opens when reading a particular beer label. This clever idea is shown to help reinforce the partnership/sponsorship between Heineken and UEFA Champions League. In addition the door lock should help promote the social side of beer.

Ideas for other beer brands to possibly take advantage of:

1) Access into VIP suites or seating areas in stadiums where their are partnerships/sponsorship

2) Access granted for meet and greets with celebrities, athletes or even trophy’s

The end goal of all marketing & advertising would be to sell more and this Heineken Door lock has a small chance to accomplish that. The largest upside is its worth in social media sharing, brand reinforcement and overall buzz for Heineken. Now a days, if the content is not shared via social media channels it’s like it never happened.


door lock




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