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Power of Bringing Friends Together

Nothing will replicate the camaraderie among friends while watching a live sporting. Passion, tension and all other emotions run wild. In a group dynamic a bond exists that is difficult to express. And yet it is there. Undeniably present and unshakable. … Continue reading

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This beer literally will open your door.

In the sports apparel business, Under Armour had used the tag line “Protect This House.” Building on the theme, Heineken has created a device that ensures guests coming over to your house enter with the correct beer. Below is the … Continue reading

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Tennis silence is rewarded by this beer brand

As sports sponsorships evolve, so will their creative activations. Logo rights are no longer the main focus, but it is how you bring your brand to life around your sponsorship. Heineken’s public “Umpire Chair Silence Challenge” strengthens its partnership with … Continue reading

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Recycled beer cans turned into Rugby spikes

Below is a remarkable recycling campaign that helped the Salta beer brand infiltrate every local rugby club without having to sign a sponsorship contract all while helping protect the environment by promoting & encouraging  recycling. Salta successfully built a compelling … Continue reading

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Corona Moon Lime

For those who dare to color out the box, I want to share with you an impressive billboard by Corona that pushes new limits for outdoor advertising.  The message is simple and the artwork is split over 2 vertical boards. … Continue reading

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Sol Beer delivers freedom

Too many brands are becoming comfortable with their traditional sampling efforts. Notable examples are tap take overs or sending in models to purchase a round of beers at a tavern. On paper these might produce some great one on one … Continue reading

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Heineken delivers on its “Open Your World” campaign

Heineken is building of their successful 1st journey story were a gentlemen traveled from Shangdu in Inner Monguolia to Bangkok, Thailand and his only form of payment was a Heineken bottle.  Along the way consumers were able to view weekly youtube … Continue reading

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