Pop Up Night Club

Parties attract crowds and Coors Light did just that. Quoting Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” With the help of a flash mob, #CoorsLight built a pop up night club inside a Las Vegas casino floor. In Vegas, it is hard to stand out amongst all the brands activating samplings/events trying to earn the attention of consumers. Especially in nightclubs which are usually dominated by Champagne and liquor companies.

This nightclub guerrilla marketing campaign was remarkable. The brand brought to life a club with no traditional walls. Coors Light owned the space, atmosphere and was easily identified in the hands of party goers. This unexpected interruption helped the brand reposition itself as a viable choice for club goers. The distraction was a pleasant surprise for onlookers. This relevant content should help shape future consumption habits.

Create your own space, create your own rules and people will notice.

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Budweiser Jukebox – Bottle cap operated

Anheuser-Busch  & Budweiser have made recent headline news here in the states with their focus on reaching millennials through music. The Budweiser brand will continue its Made in America concert, switching out Jay Z for his wife Beyonce as the headliner this year. For a full list of artists, click here.

As a global brand, Budweiser must come alive and connect with consumers in a consistent experience, which happens to be music. This platform can be adapted for local market activation to bring people together and provide “Great Times.”

Below is a clever campaign from Budweiser Argentina that captures on premise consumers at a primary point of purchase, a bar. Here, the brand chose 1 of the most interactive real estate items in the bar, the Jukebox and cultivated emotional connections with patrons. For each Budweiser sold, consumers redeemed the specific brand bottle cap for their choice in tunes. No other brand’s bottle cap would suffice, which helped increase Bud sales and sampling by 20%.

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Recycled beer cans turned into Rugby spikes

Below is a remarkable recycling campaign that helped the Salta beer brand infiltrate every local rugby club without having to sign a sponsorship contract all while helping protect the environment by promoting & encouraging  recycling.

Salta successfully built a compelling reason for fans to recycle their beer cans. Eventually those rugby players who chose to recycle could feel a functional benefit to their actions. Beer cans were melted, molded and turned into spikes for their rugby cleats. This creative execution once again reinforced the brand’s identity and assimilation in the rugby community.

Could one day in the future we see a UFC cage made from recycled Bud Light cans? What else can you come up with?

Check the video before for the astonishing results.

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Corona Moon Lime

For those who dare to color out the box, I want to share with you an impressive billboard by Corona that pushes new limits for outdoor advertising.  The message is simple and the artwork is split over 2 vertical boards. Yet, unlike some recent trends in billboards such as live paintings, interactive features or creating a 3D display, Corona used a natural occurring event to finish off the look.

With the help of astronomers and planetariums, they lined up their billboard to match the path of a moon setting, and no ordinary moon. The moon had to be in the shape of a lime wedge. The precision and planning is remarkable.  As every detail was spot on, Corona’s DNA was on display to the fullest.

What is next for the billboard industry?

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Corona found its Beach in Tennis data.

With the recent news about how technology companies are forming sponsorship/partnerships with sports teams/leagues, I wanted to share an astonishing collaboration between Corona beer & the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Corona Perspectives is an opportunity to break down every shot hit by each player in every SET, GAME & POINT  to its trajectory, speed, heat, etc.

Words truly can’t describe this year-long project that gives fans a complete view of some of the most recent high-profile ATP final matches. Immerse yourself in the video, photos and web link below (Google Chrome is needed to view complete project). Athletes might benefit from this data for training purposes. Please enjoy and imagine the possibilities to come for the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL.




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Budweiser helps Toast new friends

Beer is social by nature. Usually, it is the catalyst to good times shared  amongst friends, families and even strangers. The moment that sums up the excitement is the “Toast.” Around the world there are different terms used: Cheers, Skaal, Salud, Prost, etc. Yet, the one common element is when people touch their bottles or cups together. A sign of respect and/or camaraderie if being shared.

Budweiser in Brazil found an ingenious way to capitalize and own this moment. TOAST 2.0.  Below is a video of their concept: Buddy Cup. It combines high-tech chip technology with an integrated facebook application. Once people touched each others cups, they became friends on the social media platform. Budweiser gave consumers the easiest “Ice Breaker”  out there. An old motto at Anheuser-Busch that still rings true today was: Making Friends is our business. The Buddy Cup puts words into actions.

Can you imagine being at your favorite sporting event or festival and wanting to connect with complete strangers that shared your interests in a harmless and adventurous way? An ideal place might be inside a branded area or suite. This great beer is helping once again provide great times and memories.


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Not your traditional beer delivery by Coors Light

The element of surprise, harnessed correctly can help deliver what brands are looking for: Shock & Awe. After finishing reading “Winning the Customer” by Lou Imbriano, one concept stuck with me: SCD (Simple Creative Dominating). When developing a promotion, all you need to do is ask yourself , does the idea meet that criteria? While pre-planned & advertised promotions have their strengths, surprise moments capture more emotional connections with consumers.

Below is a video highlighting how Coors Light delivered on their brands’ essence and DNA all while leaving guests speechless. Unsuspecting consumer were served their “cold” beers in an over the  top performance manner. Cold activated brand ambassadors quenched the thirst of consumers from a walk in cooler, snowmobile, zip line, dogsled and a helicopter. Coors Light activated a true 360 marketing plan by transforming their TV commercials into a real life human experience. Confused looks were easily turned into giant smiles.

Simple – Deliver beer to guests                                                                                                  Creative – Use unconventional methods to deliver guests cold refreshing Coors Light Dominating – The brand was able to draw attention to those consumers ordering the brands while bystanders took action to order a CL can and/or spread the event o social media channels.

Take a look at south Florida pool take over.

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