Sol Beer delivers freedom

Too many brands are becoming comfortable with their traditional sampling efforts. Notable examples are tap take overs or sending in models to purchase a round of beers at a tavern. On paper these might produce some great one on one interactions, but yet the consumer is passive and has no skin in the game.

Sol beer in the UK found that consumers were willing to give something up and be part of the entire sampling program. As the video will show below, a neck tie recycling receptacle was placed next to the common paper and can bins. Consumers who were willing to part with their ties were rewarded with a free beer at a pub in close proximity. “Loose the tie, gain some Free Spirit” was the clear message. Next level samplings will have the consumers start the dialogue and leave them with a memorable experience to share. #SolTies

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A craft beer sampling worth fighting over

Most craft beers do not have the budget for mass marketing nor would most want to be associated with traditional media outlets. Finding ways to stand out and gain attention has become difficult in the increasingly diverse craft beer segment, let alone generate meaningful sampling events.

Big Boss Brewing Company has created the 1st of its kind “beer dispensing” arcade game. The brilliance lies in both the marketing and sampling. All the characters in this “fighter” arcade game are actual names of their beers. Those names are:Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. This serves as a non intrusive way for consumers to easily recall the unique brands.

As the saying goes, “To the victor goes the spoils.” After 3 rounds of fighting, the winner has bragging rights along with a sample of a Big Boss Brewing beer. There is something to be said for this memorable encounter with the brands. Instead of being “force feed” product information, consumers discover the brands in an impact full & memorable manner.

There is truly an elevated level of excitement amongst consumers competing against each other in the Beercade video below.


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Budweiser Canada and Hockey

While Budweiser in Canada is not the official beer of the NHL, the brand has created a remarkable hockey campaign that was recently unveiled. In trying to connect with consumers passion for their favorite team, Budweiser looked no further than the most electric and energizing site inside a hockey arena, the flashing Red Light signaling a goal.

The Bud Red Light

This unique consumer engagement strategy infiltrates the home &/or offices of the brands devoted fans. These lights are installed & synced to a wifi network. When a game is on, it wakes up and starts listening over the network for a score. When the puck goes in the net, the light goes crazy. Besides a typical ingredient or attribute, Budweiser is capitalizing on a potential emotion, which is extremely powerful.

Celebrating good times is the essence of Budweiser and this execution marries that sentiment. The amount of emotional and relevant content which fans with capture and share with friends will help to reestablish Budweiser as a fan favorite with hockey supporters.

After watching the commercial, you know you will want one.

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Heineken delivers on its “Open Your World” campaign

Heineken is building of their successful 1st journey story were a gentlemen traveled from Shangdu in Inner Monguolia to Bangkok, Thailand and his only form of payment was a Heineken bottle.  Along the way consumers were able to view weekly youtube video along with checking Heineken’s facebook page to check in along the way. To search more on this campaign, type Heineken Passport into Google.

Now instead of traveling a country, Heineken has challenged 2 guys to try to meet someone from every country (193) in just 14 days, in one particular city, Amsterdam, the home of Heineken. To learn more about the 2 selected guys and keep track of all the countries met, consumers are encouraged to visit their facebook page.

I agree with my friend and trusted content strategist, Brian Gainor, that Heineken has found a clever way to get consumers to associate their organization as a global brand. I must applaud brands that search for ways to bring fans together besides leveraging their traditional sponsorships (movies, sports & entertainment). This type of activation cuts through the clutter.

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Enrich the beer shopping experience

With almost 80% of the beer volume being sold in the off premise segment (grocery & convenience stores), brands are focusing on innovate ways to grab the attention of consumers at retail. The following campaign from Red Strip surely breaks tradition of wrapping the coolers with custom signage and putting a stickers on the door window.

In keeping with the brand’s music identity, Red Strip transformed the selection of its beer into a well orchestrated surprised symphony. Unsuspected patrons saw items inside their local corner store turned into musical instruments. Hidden cameras were used to capture the emotions and reactions. Talk about forming memorable experiences for consumers, look no further than the video below.

Also, here is a video about the behind the scenes making of this execution.

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Football fields are the new Corona Beach

In recent years Corona has been searching for ways to expand the brands appeal and drinking occasions. At one point the brand was tied in 100% to sandy beach imagery. In recent years the brand took the relaxation and escaping mindset and portrayed that sense of feeling in the inside of an airplane, on the rooftop of a hotel and also the basin of a ski mountain. The brand never lost its identity, it just shifted the acceptable physical states to enjoy a Corona in order to boost sales.

With the help of Jon Gruden, former NFL coach and now broadcaster, the brand is turning NFL stadiums and cities in “beach” destinations. Lucky fans across the country have the opportunity to win trips to their favorite NFL destinations. Their partnership has come along way. At 1st it was about building awareness for the brand. Their execution consisted of a brand logo above his image on the Monday Night Football bus.

This year, Corona is putting Jon front and center in their commercials and using his caricature image for some internet ads. The brand is trying to break through the noise and assimilate into being an acceptable brand to drink while watching the game or tailgating. It faces stiff competition from premium light brands such as Miller Lite, Coors Light and Bud Light which has sponsorships with the teams and NFL.

Go find your beach and look for these ads/videos. To track this promotion on twitter use the hashtag #CoronaFootball and for facebook, click this link.

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Budweiser cleverly extends happy hour

The problem with all happy hours, is that they all cease at some arbitrary time set by a bar. Happy hours exist to attract patrons who want to socialize, laugh and share stories over a bite & drink.

Budweiser, in Ecuador, found a way to not only bring people in, the brand enthusiastically offered a call to action to keep the party going. In the states, the Bud Light tagline “Here We Go” is a call to start the party. In this campaign Budweiser: Budclock, Budweiser is asking patrons of the bar to keep those great times going.

For every Budweiser purchased, consumers were handed a coaster with a qr code that was to be scanned at the Budclock. Every purchase and successful qr code scan, another minute was added to the clock. Consumers saw a true benefit for purchasing the brand besides the ordinary shirt, hat or key chain giveaway. Not knowing all the details, but it might appear that one’s individual purchase was a reward for all those in attendance. Talk about being the life of the bar and having magic at the palm of your hand – order a Budweiser and keep the great times going.

Similar to the brands ability to brew Budweiser with the same consistency around the world, the advertising & marketing campaigns easily adapt to each country. In all consumer encounters, the brand has this commitment: Great times are always waiting: Grab Some Buds. The Budweiser Budclock execution perfectly brings this to life.

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