Budweiser cleverly extends happy hour

The problem with all happy hours, is that they all cease at some arbitrary time set by a bar. Happy hours exist to attract patrons who want to socialize, laugh and share stories over a bite & drink.

Budweiser, in Ecuador, found a way to not only bring people in, the brand enthusiastically offered a call to action to keep the party going. In the states, the Bud Light tagline “Here We Go” is a call to start the party. In this campaign Budweiser: Budclock, Budweiser is asking patrons of the bar to keep those great times going.

For every Budweiser purchased, consumers were handed a coaster with a qr code that was to be scanned at the Budclock. Every purchase and successful qr code scan, another minute was added to the clock. Consumers saw a true benefit for purchasing the brand besides the ordinary shirt, hat or key chain giveaway. Not knowing all the details, but it might appear that one’s individual purchase was a reward for all those in attendance. Talk about being the life of the bar and having magic at the palm of your hand – order a Budweiser and keep the great times going.

Similar to the brands ability to brew Budweiser with the same consistency around the world, the advertising & marketing campaigns easily adapt to each country. In all consumer encounters, the brand has this commitment: Great times are always waiting: Grab Some Buds. The Budweiser Budclock execution perfectly brings this to life.

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Miller Lite showcasing strength of video.

Video is a powerful tool to showcase passion, camaraderie and all around support, especially for your favorite sports team. Miller Lite, the official beer sponsor of the Mexican soccer team Club Deportivo Guadalajara, widely known as Chivas has embraced their loyal fans and documented it in a way that could be easily spread.

Miller Lite documented the painting of a Chivas Expression mural that will serve as the sizzle video for their upcoming contest where fans will vote on 8 different artists renditions of what the sponsorship between the team and beer means to them. This video captures the essence of what being a fan is all about. The mural can now be seen by fans across the world, not just those fortunate enough to pass by it in person.

“Chivas fans are the most passionate fans in the Primera Division and we want them to help us express that passion and camaraderie among friends, fans, and teams,” said Alberto Senior, Miller Lite Hispanic marketing manager. “We see the drive and enthusiasm of Chivas fans everywhere we go, so who better than them to let us know how they express that love for the game and their favorite team.” (via PR Newswire)

Check out the video below.

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A beer app that identifies passionate sports fans

Live sporting events have the uncanny ability to bring people together, provide excitement and unleash enthusiasm. Whether it is painting your face, writing up a sign, jumping up & down, cheering & heckling, fans want to show their dedication and passion. Having the ability to track & measure, companies would be better able to reward fans for their devotion.

With the importance of the 2nd/3rd screen, Cerveza Pilsen teamed up with agency DDB (Columbia) to build a mobile app that identifies the most passionate Deportiva Independiente Medellín fan, a professional Colombian football team. The app which can be downloaded here, is able in real-time to measure your jumping and screaming output levels. This type of  sports mobile marketing could become an industry benchmark.

Some further implementation practices that could be developed are:

1) In stadium competitions amongst sections

2) League partners could create a competition amongst all the teams

3) Teams could create a competition amongst local restaurants/bars


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Karaoking might be a sign you are not able to drive home

Every alcohol company has an inherent duty to promote a responsible drinking message. Brands do not benefit from the misuse of its products. As good corporate citizens, these companies and brands invest in programs that help drive awareness of consequences of abusing/drinking too much.

One area of major focus is drunk driving. Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors and other beer brands have provided countless free ride and tow your car campaigns during the holiday’s and major events (music and sports). One thing lacking in these executions is the ability to create an emotional connection with the consumers.

Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz once again delivered a stunning and captivating drunk driving awareness initiative. Last year they used a pretend drunk valet and this year they give us Karaoke Breathalyzer. They wanted to prove that if you had enough liquid courage to sing, you probably were in no shape to drive home. In a twist, they even showed each participants blood alcohol level. This surprising engagement resonated with the crowd and consumers.

Next time you begin to sing, think about these brave souls in this video.

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A rugby tackle is worth a Salta beer with this vending Machine

In Argentina, a country that is fascinated with soccer, a beer brand executed a memorable experience that appealed to the rugby community and its fans. Aside from potential enduring bonds, Salta beer might have left a couple of shoulder injuries and bruises with their beer vending machine execution.

Consumers were encouraged to perform a tackle on the vending machine to receive their sud. Beer and tackling are 2 guilty pleasures of a rugger. An added feature that sparked interest was the machine’s ability to gauge the strength of each hit. This is a great example of consumers 1st marketing. Passion and excitement were openly shared amongst the patrons who took on the vending machine challenge.

The video below shows the action and positive results.

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Mother’s Day Tribute by Modelo Especial

Beer companies tend to market and take advantage of holidays and celebrations that appeal to the male consumer. Take Michelob Ultra which partnered with Bridgestone Golf balls last year to celebrate Fathers Day. The promotion is summarized here. However, few brands if any, try to capitalize on events skewed for the female population.

Modelo Especial wanted to show their appreciation to all mothers across the globe with this surreal floral arrangement located in Mexico. Over 120,000 flowers were used to send their special message of Thanks & Gratitude.

Mother’s Day seems to be one holiday beer companies have not looked to capitalize on until now. Until recently, consumers and experts have argued and shared opinions that women were being degraded in beer advertising. Brands are now introducing line extensions to appeal to this large population of adult beverage consumers. This campaign should help generate brand awareness and garner female sampling for the Modelo Espeical brand.

Check out the floral arrangement below.

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Taco Trucks with unusual ingredients by Dos Equis

Dos Equis is mobile with their Taco Truck events leading up to Cinco De Mayo. Building off a successful single truck execution last year in NYC, the brand has launched trucks in the following cities: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. Each city will compete against one another in the Feast of the Brave challenge.

By consuming unusual ingredients (pig’s ear, chicken gizzard, iguana, alligator, crickets and hog stomach), participants will earn “bravery points” for their city based upon their chosen meal.

“The Dos Equis consumer is always looking for experiences that are a bit more unconventional and interesting,” said Paul Smailes, Dos Equis Senior Brand Director. “To mark this year’s special 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to partner with some great local chefs and provide consumers the opportunity to test their taste-bud boundaries, and have a memorable Cinco de Mayo experience.”

For complete information, visit the Dos Equis Facebook page. To keep track on twitter, monitor the following hash tag: #dosequisfeast

What can you stomach?

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Agency rewards workers with Beer

Besides rewarding your buddies to help you move, beer has now motivated agency workers to complete the tedious job of filling out their time sheets. This beer fridge was electronically locked and connected to the time sheets of the entire office. Once 100% were completed, flights flashed and the fridge was unlocked.

Which sports team will be the 1st to run with this concept and adapt into a great in stadium treat? These fridges could be installed in themed areas and possibly reward guests in the section. I could imagine Budweiser leveraging their “Walk Off Home Run” campaign and having the fridge open on this special occasion. Or how about when a NFL team returns a kick off or punt for a touch down, a fridge of Bud Lights is opened?

(Full disclosure – I work for Anheuser-Busch)

View the agency execution below. Cheers.

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Budweiser leverages Walk Off Home Runs for Military Charity

It’s a WALK OFF!

This time the objective is not to turn left vs right & out model a rival on the runway. With anticipation of the MLB season building,  Budweiser announced this afternoon their support of late inning heroics by the home team.  For each Walk Off Home Run hit in 2012, Budweiser will donate $5,000 to the Folds of Honor Foundation. This foundation was set up for families who lost a service personnel killed or disabled while protecting this great nation’s freedom. It provides educational scholarships for their children.

“Never before has rooting for the home team meant more than it does this baseball season,” Rob McCarthy, vice president of Budweiser at Anheuser-Busch.  “Our partnership with Folds of Honor is helping to make a difference in the lives of families whose love ones have paid so dearly to protect the freedoms we all hold so dear.”

Similar to last year, the brand will also donate a portion of each case sold during the promotional period to help raise a grand total of $2.5 million for FHF. Expect to see stunning #BudFlag displays at your local stores. In addition, a full market conversion will take place to showcase the patriotic cans & bottles.

I believe successful brands are realizing the importance of trying to own an emotion or memorable moment vs a product attribute.

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Skol has the Easter Bunny delivering Beer Eggs

If beer companies did not have enough holidays to capitalize on selling beer, the widely popular SKOL brand in Brazil is experimenting with Easter. They have an ambitious goal: Create the worlds 1st Easter Egg made with beer. I personally would be excited to receive an Easter basket filled with these eggs.

What is Easter without an Easter Egg hunt? Skol will be hosting a scavenger hunt on their facebook page for fans to win a 6 pack of the beer eggs.  In addition, these limited edition chocolate filled beer eggs will be available for purchase to Skol Facebook fans starting tomorrow, 3/30/2012.

Check out the delicious combination of beer & chocolate below.

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